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I like to be a little bit flashy here and there but it’s good to be simple and elegant as well.” The draft will be “pretty special” for the 6’4”, 215 lbs. Ekblad said he has visited with representatives with the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers but, as of last Friday, had not heard from anyone from the Florida Panthers or Buffalo Sabres, owners of the top two picks.

He said regardless of who selects him, he will be aiming to make the NHL next season. “I just want to play in the NHL.” Aaron Ekblad (left) gets fitted for the suit he will be wearing at the NHL Draft by 67 Richmond St. The fitting took place June 20 with the first round of the draft occurring June 27.

While the draft is important, Ekblad added it doesn’t overshadow what he has done on the ice.

He has played the last three seasons with the OHL’s Barrie Colts and was also part of the Canadian team at the World Junior Hockey Championships last season.

“(The draft) is a cool thing to be a part of but I think on-ice accomplishments are more rewarding, for sure,” said Ekblad.

You need to put both yourself and the interviewer at ease by being down-to-earth whilst remaining business-like, it is often quite a good idea to have a few conversation openers, especially if the interviewer takes you to the interview room, it helps break the silence..

Interview Techniques The interview is not only a chance for the interviewer to assess if you are the right person for the job, but it is also an opportunity for you to see if the forces are suitable for you.

During the interview you need to look for opportunities to be proactive and ask your own questions or try to lead the discussion where appropriate.

Questions should reflect your keenness to work for the Forces... Questions asked from the GTO' S and Presidents at the time of Interview ISSB : of Qater?

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Leardi stated that having Ekblad in the store was important for him, as well. Fellow draft hopeful Hunter Smith has been in the store, Leardi said, as has Winnipeg Jets head coach Paul Maurice.

New Jersey Devils forward Adam Henrique has been a customer at 67 Richmond St.’s Tecumseh location, Leardi added.

Interview Complete Questions And Background (Shahid Khan)First Impressions Most people make an initial opinion of a stranger within the first five minutes of meeting them.

According to research candidiates' impressions are made up of the following: Body Language and image (70%) Tone of voice (20%) What you say (10%) As soon as you enter the building you need to be polite to everyone you meet.

You need to remain calm and confident, give a firm handshake, and remember to make eye contact.

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Aaron Ekblad (left) of the Barrie Colts chats with 67 Richmond St.

owner Peter Leardi Friday afternoon after Ekblad was fitted for a suit at the Amherstburg clothing store.

Ekblad, a Belle River native, will be wearing that Jack Victor suit on stage this Friday night at the NHL Draft in Philadelphia.

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This should be job related, and is a chance to show your competency Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Points you need to remember: Smiling is a good positive signal, as it reaffirms your good nature Maintain eye contact Relax do not rush or fidget Mirror the interviewers techniques, if they laugh, laugh with them Maintain an alert position, sit up straight, don't slump, but be comfortable Always have a confident and honest attitude. Puray jism per es terah paani bahana k baal brabr hissa b khushk na ho.

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When Aaron Ekblad takes the stage at this Friday night’s NHL Draft in Philadelphia, his clothing will have an Amherstburg connection.

The Jack Victor suit Ekblad will be wearing has come from 67 Richmond St.

with Ekblad being in the Amherstburg clothing store last Friday afternoon for his final fitting.

Ekblad, a Belle River native, could go as high as number one in this Friday’s draft. Pete Leardi has been helping me out with it,” Ekblad said, referring to 67 Richmond St.’s owner.

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